Welcome to The Arc Rhode Island! 

The Arc Rhode Island belongs to a network of more than 620 state and local chapters that provide direct support services and advocate for the rights of people with IDD around the country.

As the State of Rhode Island Chapter of The Arc, our organization leads state-level public policy activities as well as provides training, public awareness and education, and grassroots advocacy building to protect the rights of Rhode Islanders with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

We provide supports and services to the IDD population for the entire state. At The Arc Rhode Island we offer programs to navigate the special education system through advocacy, and building inclusive futures, for those transitioning into adulthood, by creating a life plan and working with a Life Coach.

A year to remember! 

All of us at The Arc Rhode Island want to share our story. Please take a few minutes to watch the video “A year to remember” and look back with us on all the places we’ve been!